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15 Dec 2022

Looking Forward: CapitalG 2023 Predictions

The only thing about 2022 that has been predictable has been its unpredictability.

At long last, we’ve returned to traveling and connecting in-person, but the economic headwinds have changed, and uncertainties abound. To help us gear up for the year ahead, CapitalG leaders offer insights into both the challenges and opportunities that may come our way, touching on everything from market conditions and the funding environment to the specific sectors in which we expect to see the most resiliency, innovation and growth. Across every prediction, one clear theme emerges: There’s plenty to look forward to in 2023.

Better days are coming

General Partner Gene Frantz remains optimistic for the year ahead.

Data is more critical – and abundant – than ever

General partner Derek Zanutto expects enterprise data to double in volume in 2023 as more companies seek to leverage it as a competitive advantage.

Now is the time for differentiation

General counsel and chief compliance officer Jeremiah Gordon advises founders and funders to emphasize their unique backgrounds, connections, skills, and points of view to help them stand out in a more competitive, capital-constrained funding environment.

We’re better together

Talent Partner Lauren Illovsky believes that many of us will return to the office with more frequency next year–not because we'll have to but because we'll want to as we seek out deeper in-office connections and increased collaboration in the face of a trying macro environment.

This is a once-in-a-generation moment for startup formation

Partner James Luo anticipates that several generational companies will be created in 2023 "as the much-needed discipline, innovation and creativity that come from scarcity reinvigorate startup markets."

Now is the time for VCs to demonstrate their value

Senior Operating Partner Johan Duramy encourages VCs to meet the moment by ramping up their support for founders as they navigate choppy market waters.

M&A will reach new heights

General Partner Jesse Wedler anticipates that 2023 will set M&A records as startups with less proven models become interested sellers, and larger companies with cash reserves leverage this opportunity to make strategic acquisitions and accelerate their growth.

A banner year for diverse founders

Growth Partner Jackson Georges Jr. predicts that next year will be the best year yet for diverse founders thanks to the growing network that is gearing up to help them achieve.

Generative AI will unlock business value

Investor Jill Chase is excited about generative AI’s potential to reduce monotony and foster high-value, differentiated work.

Startup funding will come roaring back

Chief Financial Officer Kristin Drew offers an optimistic outlook on startup funding as VCs across all stages address pent-up demand.

People leaders will find creative ways to foster productivity and engagement

Chief People Officer Wendy Alexander encourages People leaders to find creative ways to keep productivity and engagement high in a challenging macro environment.

2023 will end on a high note for Fintech

Partner Sumi Das has never doubted fintech’s tremendous potential and encourages founders to spend the year strengthening their products and competitive positioning.

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