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05 Mar 2024

DTEX: Powering Your Trusted Workforce

We’re excited to announce CapitalG’s lead investment in DTEX’s Series E. DTEX is revolutionizing the way that organizations secure their most valuable data and assets by proactively detecting and mitigating insider risks.

Security leaders across companies are united by one common concern: a desire to protect their data. Over the past decade, security teams have invested heavily in external defenses based on their belief that a strong perimeter could prevent breaches. While companies have fortified their exteriors, too many have simultaneously allowed threats to grow internally. Insider risk incidents range from employees accidentally clicking on email phishing links to more malicious acts, such as the deliberate exfiltration of company trade secrets or espionage on behalf of an adversarial foreign government.

The need for protection against insider risks has grown significantly in recent years, driven by the security challenges associated with the rise of remote work and the dramatic proliferation of corporate data. According to a 2023 Ponemon Cost of Insider Risks Global Report, there has been a sharp rise in the frequency and cost of insider-related security incidents, with the average annual cost of an insider incident now surpassing $16M. The same report found 71% of organizations have had 21 or more insider-related incidents per year. Just in the last year, a F500 company was hit by hackers who exploited employee remote working software to compromise over 35 million accounts, and another F500 company experienced a significant malicious insider data breach which resulted in the personal information of over 75,000 employees getting leaked.

Despite the dangers of insider risk, established technologies and services are not sufficiently protecting enterprises, which have wasted millions of dollars and countless hours trying to implement insider risk programs with the wrong tools. User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) tools lack endpoint-level visibility, data loss prevention (DLP) tools rely heavily on rules-based blocking and are difficult to scale, and third party consulting services can be inefficient and expensive. Security leaders continue to highlight the need for a modern insider risk management solution that provides robust protection.

DTEX is the insider risk management solution organizations have been seeking

DTEX is the leader in insider risk management. Its InTERCEPT product platform combines the strengths of UEBA, DLP, endpoint security, and forensics into one comprehensive platform. DTEX leverages a proprietary lightweight agent to gather critical endpoint data without impacting device performance. This data is then augmented with deep contextual data from across corporate systems. Unlike traditional systems that rely heavily on predefined rules, DTEX’s AI-driven risk engine correlates endpoint and contextual data to provide high-fidelity detection without sacrificing employee privacy.

As a result, DTEX’s solution has garnered the trust of leading enterprises across various sectors, from critical infrastructure to healthcare and government agencies. There are countless examples of the efficacy of DTEX’s platform, from a Fortune 500 customer using DTEX to stop a foreign national from selling stolen customer data on the dark web,to a financial institution identifying a phishing attack used in account compromise. DTEX’s customers also speak highly about the platform’s enterprise-grade features, which have been proven out in some of the largest IT environments in the world. Within its largest customers, DTEX is deployed across hundreds of thousands of endpoints, keeping security teams a step ahead of insider risks and safeguarding sensitive data.

We’re thrilled to partner with CEO Marshall Heilman, president and co-founder Mohan Koo, and the broader DTEX team to support their next phase of growth as they empower organizations to build and manage effective insider risk management programs. We are impressed by the growing demand for DTEX’s next generation solutions, and we’re excited to partner with DTEX in its mission to protect organizations worldwide.

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