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11 Apr 2023

AlphaSense: The Emerging Leader in AI-Enabled Market Intelligence

Today we’re excited to announce CapitalG’s investment in AlphaSense, the emerging leader in market intelligence and research. AlphaSense is disrupting the way knowledge professionals discover the data and insights their companies need to make strategic decisions more confidently.

Every single business–from the largest public companies to pre-IPO startups–can improve with reliable and easy access to data that helps them make faster, more confident, and ultimately better decisions. Yet finding the right pieces of information to drive valuable business insights and decisions remains harder than ever.

The challenge stems from the fact that while the sheer volume of data and information available to us is far greater than it has ever been, organizing, understanding, and making sense of it all has only grown ever more difficult. This problem is especially acute for knowledge professionals who are tasked day-by-day with finding needles in data haystacks, all while relying on research platforms that were developed before the first dotcom boom and have not evolved much since. As significant consumers of market intelligence and financial data ourselves, we’ve been particularly frustrated with how complicated accessing and querying data has been for corporate and financial research.

Yet despite these significant issues, the corporate research and intelligence market has flourished. Organizations have continued to spend increasingly large sums of money–estimated at $45B+ today–on market research to try to give decision makers access to the right data to help them make informed decisions. While corporate research and intelligence are vitally important, business professionals have been underserved and forced to decipher enormous volumes of content using outdated software tools.

AlphaSense is the market intelligence and research platform that knowledge professionals have long craved.

AlphaSense is a one-stop-shop for premium market and financial intelligence. It aggregates over 10,000 data sources and vast amounts of qualitative and quantitative company and industry information, indexes that information, and overlays an intelligent AI-driven search interface on top to allow users to quickly find those valuable pieces of insight that drive business outcomes.

AlphaSense is already enabling more than 4,000 enterprise customers, including the majority of the S&P 500, to harness the full breadth of information they’ve been seeking.

Across functions–from financial investors to corporate strategists and sales account executives–and across industries–from the world’s largest banks, investment firms and consultancies to life sciences, energy, industrials, consumer goods and technology leaders–knowledge workers are increasingly relying on AlphaSense to drive insights, discover key information, and work more efficiently to drive business outcomes.

AlphaSense has industry-leading AI/ML capabilities and leverages them to deliver advanced features like semantic search and content summarization. The company has invested heavily in domain-specific language models, enabling users to effectively and reliably search for and find those needles in a haystack. Furthermore, AlphaSense’s sentiment analysis and summarization capabilities equip customers with the tools to quickly and easily digest dense research reports and extensive volumes of qualitative and quantitative data.

In addition to its groundbreaking technology and user experience, AlphaSense also has a unique content library that makes it the only research platform to enable access to all four voices that matter in the business world:

  1. The voice of the company (i.e., company filings, event transcripts and presentations)

  2. The voice of the research analyst (i.e., Wall Street equity research)

  3. The voice of the media and government (i.e., news and regulatory filings)

  4. The voice of the expert via a proprietary library of interview transcripts.

By consolidating all of these valuable sources of content into one platform with AI-driven technologies that streamline information discovery, AlphaSense has also significantly expanded access to market research. For example, before AlphaSense, many corporate users weren’t able to obtain equity research from Wall Street analysts. With AlphaSense’s Wall Street Insights® collection, corporate users are able to access and search through broker research from all of the leading Wall Street research firms, equipping them with an invaluable source of market and company insights.

AlphaSense’s value proposition resonated with our team as soon as we began using the product; its sleek user interface, powerful capabilities, cohesive product vision, and ability to immediately deliver value especially stood out. And in our calls with companies across the Fortune 500, enterprise customers said the same–namely that they love the platform because it provides far faster time-to-insight compared to the alternatives and enables them to not only more quickly access existing sources of research, but also discover new sources of information that they otherwise would have missed.

Co-founders Jack Kokko and Raj Neervannan have revolutionized the market intelligence and corporate research space for over a decade, and we’re huge believers in their vision and in the team’s capabilities.

Jack likes to say that "Every company's enterprise value is a cumulative sum of the decisions they make.” We are excited to invest in and partner with Jack, Raj, and the rest of the AlphaSense team as they increase enterprise value across the business world, one better decision at a time.

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