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07 Dec 2023

2024 Predictions: Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead

2023 was a year of remarkable resilience and adaptability. Workers, businesses and communities deftly navigated ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty, rising interest rates and changing consumer and business behavior. As in past years, entrepreneurship and innovation flourished—startups adapted to changing market conditions, devised novel solutions to new and existing challenges, and laid the groundwork to improve our lives through innovation.

As we look towards 2024, some members of CapitalG’s leadership team have shared their predictions for the themes and trends poised to shape our future. From breakthroughs in cybersecurity and generative AI to shifting dynamics between employers and employees, there’s no shortage of inspiration for the year ahead.

Small Business, Big Opportunity for Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity-focused Partner James Luo expects enterprise security software that was once out of reach for SMBs to be more accessible than ever before, fueling an increase in investment in the category.

James 2024 blog

Generative AI: From Fleeting Fad to Enduring Essential.

AI-focused CapitalG Partner Jill Chase expects 2024 to usher in a new wave of generative AI products. While the previous wave focused on capability, the next one will focus on integrating into your daily workflow.

Jill 2024 blog

A New Era for Neo: A Continued Rise in Neobank Popularity.

Fintech-focused Partner Chengpeng Mou predicts that changing consumer preferences will fuel increased demand for neobanks. By capitalizing on growing frustration with traditional banks and a low-fee, customer-centric approach, neobanks should attract record levels of customers.

CP 2024

Mergers on the Mind: Prepare for a Year of Industry-Defining Deals.

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Jeremiah Gordon expects a 2024 brimming with opportunity across the tech M&A landscape. Fueled by untapped capital, easing rate-hikes and interest by both buyers and sellers, next year looks to be primed for consolidation and strategic partnership.

Jeremiah 2024

The Year of the Employer: A Triumph of Trust & Transparency.

Talent Partner Lauren Illovsky cautions employers, emboldened by a strong hiring market, to remember that in every job market it’s always important to showcase empathy and transparency to your employees. Leaders who listen to their teams and foster a culture of respect will always win–and keep–top talent.

Lauren 2024 blog

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