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Nigel Walsh

Managing Director, Insurance, Google Cloud


Nigel is the Managing Director for Insurance at Google Cloud where he is responsible for leading the firm’s approach to Insurance. At Google he leverages the best-in-market capability from Google Cloud and addresses mission-critical Insurance challenges ranging from claims and underwriting to AI and ML in order to drive better business outcomes. Nigel also works with the broader Alphabet companies to bring their experience and insights to partner with our existing insurance customers.


Before joining Google, Nigel was a Partner in Deloitte Digital where he led a number of areas for the firm, including the Global Future of Insurance and InsurTech initiatives. He has contributed to a number of books on insurance and technology, including The InsurTech Book and the AI Books published by Wiley. He also co-authored a report on the Sharing Economy and the opportunity for Insurers for Lloyds of London. He has a background in end-to-end technology transformation–from core systems through to digital transformation initiatives–and he helps clients identify and launch new products to market and establish new business ventures from scratch.

Nigel has long supported the Global InsurTech ecosystem and serves as an advisor to a number of startups across EMEA, Australia and North America.