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Brian Goldstein

Managing Director Google Cloud Enterprise

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Brian Goldstein is a Managing Director of Google Cloud's Enterprise business where he leads a team of more than 300 professionals with responsibilities that span every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Throughout his 27-year technology career, Brian has learned how to create winning business outcomes for companies of all sizes across every industry. He is passionate about meeting and supporting customers wherever they are on their digital transformation journey. Brian is recognized as an inspirational people-leader who creates a safe space for maximum impact, and he creates time each week for mentoring and coaching, especially for aspiring women leaders.

In addition to his current role, Brian is also the founder and CEO of his own small consulting company, Maplevizory, which is focused on helping seed-stage engineering founders overcome the challenges of building a sales function. Before joining Google, Brian served as a Vice President at Oracle, where he led a team focused on SaaS business applications. He worked for multiple startups including Plumtree and Chordiant Software earlier in his career.

Brian holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of South Florida. Brian is a member of the Board of Ambassadors for the American Cancer Society where he works to raise money in support of the battle against cancer. Brian lives in Marin County where he enjoys cooking and smoking meats. He is also a lover of dogs and an aspiring runner.