Oscar is an innovative health insurance company that is using technology and design to make healthcare simple, intuitive and human. Oscar offers insurance with the goal of revolutionizing healthcare. Website

Oscar's Growth Story

Oscar was created after co-founder Josh Kushner opened one of his own insurance bills only to realize he could not make any sense of it. Following this realization, Josh alongside co-founder Mario Schlosser set out to improve the traditional health insurance model, creating a company that acts as the entry point to the healthcare experience for its members.

In New York and New Jersey, the company has reshaped this industry by providing simple, intuitive health insurance, designed to put people first. From 15,000 Oscar members in year one to 40,000 in year three, the company is continuing to expand, entering Texas and California in 2016. The Oscar team has grown to over 400 talented nurses, engineers, customer service and sales staff who continue to provide the best in healthcare and member experience.