MultiPlan reduces medical costs through technology, data, analytics and human capital. By detecting wasteful or abusive billing practices, deriving fair reimbursement from cost- and payment data, and/or negotiating provider service fee reductions, MultiPlan delivers over $13 billion annually in medical savings for health plans and their members. Website

MultiPlan's Growth Story

One in five insured Americans aged 18-64 have difficulty paying their medical bills. A chief contributor is the cost of services obtained outside their health plan’s primary network. Starting with one determined man and a pay phone, in 1980 MultiPlan pioneered a new type of PPO network targeting out-of-network healthcare costs. Initially comprised of hospitals in the New York area, today MultiPlan’s flagship “complementary” PPO network offers national coverage with over a million contracted providers.

Through unparalleled organic and transactional growth, over the last several years MultiPlan has developed two additional product lines, expanded into the adjacent property/casualty and government healthcare markets, and built a transaction engine with the capacity to process far more than the 200 million medical claims the company touches every year. MultiPlan solutions generate $13 billion in medical cost savings for over 700 healthcare payers, including eight of the top 10 US health insurers. The company employs about 1,800 associates in 22 offices around the country.