Cuemath is a math excellence program for students from kindergarten to grade 8 in India. With a growing network of home-based centers run by well-educated, trained and certified facilitators, Cuemath believes that a strong math foundation can have a transformative impact on a child’s future. Website

Cuemath's Growth Story

Manan Khurma’s love of math started at a young age. Confused by why most kids found math boring or difficult, Manan soon realized it wasn’t math that was the problem, it was the way kids were taught math.

This thought stuck with Manan through his school years. When he started at IIT Delhi in 2003, he met high achievers who all possessed a strong math foundation. Inspired by this, Manan set up a venture where he taught math to students preparing for the IIT-JEE entrance exam. With his deep expertise in math learning, teaching, content and technology, Manan taught over 10,000 students with varying math abilities and wrote a few books on the topic. He realized first-hand how broken the system is, how students are victims of outdated teaching methods, and how both school-learning and after-school learning fail miserably when it comes to building a strong math foundation.

After Manan’s initial venture was acquired, he combined his life’s passion for math and math learning and launched Cuemath in 2013. Cuemath has been designed by math, education, and technology experts from IIT, IIM, Stanford, Harvard, University of Cambridge and other top institutions, with the objective of reimagining math education for children. With over 200 employees, in just three years, Cuemath has created a math revolution that is sweeping across India.